Screen-cap of Boromir looking peeved, asking "Is that supposed to be funny?"

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For now, here are a few random links:


Scenes From Lord of the Rings That Might Have Been Used As Setups for Bad Commericals Had the Filmmakers Not Respected the Material.

Anna of Mirkwoodside's prize-winning lyrics "I Would Be A Wood Elf Myself."

Molly Ringwraith's ultra-condensed parody versions of the movie scripts here.

Here's another strange version: The Lord of the . . . Whatever.

Hobbits: An Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual

A classic: The Very Secret Diaries. (Oops, the original site seems to be gone! Luckily the Wayback Machine has a copy.

And here's kind of a (ahem) fleshed-out version of the VSD (warning: adult content): The Two Prettiest.


A brilliant Dungeons & Dragons/LOTR mashup in comic-book form: DM of the Rings.


Elijah Wood in classical art?

This Livejournal group comes up with hilarious captions for movie screencaps (note: some are naughty): LOTR captions.

Mapquest to Mordor


Incredibly detailed information about how to make all the costumes from the movies: LOTR costume research home.

An adorable miniature Bag End!  (someone has too much time on her hands): Tiny Bag End

Fan sites

The best general fan site is

I just came across this fun Frodo/Elijah Wood fan site: Frodo Lives . . . within us now.

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